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Oxford University

The oldest in the English-speaking (English-speaking) world.

In 1188 the Welsh historian Gerald gave a public lecture at the Oxford Conference and about 1190 came Emo from Friesland, the first foreign student at the University of Oxford, and the tradition of the University of Oxford has become a University. it started.

In 1201 the school was presided over by a teacher who received the title of rector in 121, and in 1231 the teacher was recognized as corporate or global.

In less than a century, Oxford has surpassed other places of study and has been praised by popes, kings, and elders for its ancient program, doctrine, and privilege.

In 1355, Edward II of England honored the university for his great contributions to learning and producing outstanding graduates.

During the Civil War, the university was pro-monarchy, and Charles I addressed parliament in the convocation room on the ground floor of the Bodleian Library.

During the Victorian era, universities played an important role, especially in religious debates.

In 1860, the New University Museum was a popular forum for champion of evolution Thomas Huxley and Bishop of Wilberforce.

The College of Women was founded in 1878 and fully enrolled in the university in 1920.

Today, it is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and attracts thousands of visitors to Oxford.

There are some of the richest museums in Britain, such as the Natural History Museum, the Pit River Museum, and the Ashmorian Museum.


The date of establishment of the university is unknown and probably does not exist as a specific event, but there is evidence of educational activity dating back to 1096.1, when Henry II of England made the decision to ban English students from attending school. It grows rapidly. The establishment of the first dormitory dates back to this time and was later converted into a university.

The university was dissolved after the murder of two students accused of rape in 1209. On June 20, 121, the university returned to Oxford with a letter of acceptance negotiated by the Pope’s representative, Nicolas de Romanis, and received the letter from the university in 1231.

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The main rival of the University of Oxford was the University of Cambridge, which was founded shortly thereafter.

The combination of the two institutions is known as Oxbridge. Cambridge is traditionally considered a scientific excellence and Oxford is considered a humanistic excellence. This is more a perception than a fact, but this stereotype is due to the historical importance of universities for certain disciplines.

Both universities are part of the Russell group of British research universities.

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